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About us

Linguistic centre LEXXIS was founded in 1996.

We provide learning EnglishGerman, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and other foreign languages, as well as Russian language.

Our programmes are developed and successfully implemented for students of any age and any level of language skills; for group and individual study; you can learn everyday language or business language; we also provide training for international certifications exams and State Examinations: we have special programmes for corporate training and the Speaking Club.

Highly skilled teachers work in all the offices of our Linguistic Centre. Most of them have international certificates, and everyone, without exception, is subject to strict selection for employment.

Their training and further education is the concern of our language school team trainers.

Most of our teachers have international language certificates and teaching methods certificates.

Students can study according to the most modern and effective Communicative Language Teaching methods.

The base of a communicative approach is a model of real communication. Each lesson develops the skills of speaking, reading, writing and speech perception as a whole.

Our centre is a certified organization for examination in Russian.

Russian language testing centre in LEXXIS centre carries out state testing in Russian language for aliens seeking to obtain certificates of the basic, elementary, first, second, third, and fourth certification levels and gives a comprehensive examination for migrant workers (patent), persons seeking temporary residence permits, permanent residence permits, and admissions to citizenship.

One can be tested both after attending special training courses and unprepared if a person to be tested has got necessary knowledges and communication skills.

Every year dozens of our students successfully pass Cambridge University Examinations – both children of primary school age and further levels students. The most popular exam is FCE.

Linguistic centre LEXXIS is a certified centre of training for Cambridge Examinations.

The training for international examinations in other foreign languages (French, German, and Chinese) is becoming more popular.

International certificates give an objective picture of the level of English after each stage of learning. You can keep track of the dynamics of language studies and you can be sure that this assessment is absolutely objective.

The importance of these certificates for employers in our country and abroad is undeniable as well as their role in the formation of the portfolio of a student.

Over the years Linguistic Centre LEXXIS has been a reliable partner in the sphere of translation services. We work with many organizations on a permanent basis in the sphere of providing services for negotiations and installation of equipment, in the field of translation of documents and sites.

Translation agencies work in all our offices where we timely and accurately translate and prepare all the required documents for you and we can get them notarized if necessary.

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