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Corporate education

The corporate education department of “Lexxis” is willing to offer its services to our customers.

Our services include the following
  • Teaching in groups and individually;
  • Written and oral translations;
  • Presenting all necessary documents to company managers.

Company (corporate) education is a kind of teaching languages when an educational programme is specially tailored for needs of every customer.  

Our advantages:

  1. You’ll have an opportunity to choose a teacher, have a free of charge first lesson.
  2. Competitive prices.
  3. High standards of teaching foreign languages. Highly qualified teaching staff with international certificates proving their knowledge of foreign languages. 

Main programmes of the English language for corporate customers:

  • General English.
  • Every day English.
  • General English + Business English.
  • Preparation for taking International Exams in English.
  • Business English.

Main programmes of the German language for corporate customers:

  • General German.
  • Every day German.
  • General German + Business German.
  • Preparation for taking International Exams in German.
  •  Business German

On demand of our corporate customer we can work out any course that may be of interest to our clients, for example:

  • Talking on the phone.
  • Computer English (helps you with finding everything ok on the Internet, teaches how to use acronyms and abbreviations).
  • Business communication (writing letters).
  • Technical language.
  • Foreign language for lawyers (corporate and commercial law, contracts, etc.);
  • Preparation for Cambridge International Legal English Certificate (ILEC).
  • IT-language
  • Foreign language for Financiers (accounting, banking).
  • Professional Foreign language in Use (Medicine).
  • Marketing.
  • Hotel and tourism management.

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