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Yekaterinburg Kuibyshev str, 21 +7 (996) 171-00-45
Yekaterinburg Kuibyshev str, 21 +7 (996) 171-00-45
Yekaterinburg Klyuchevskaya str, 15 +7 (343) 287-13-15
Pervouralsk Vatutina str, 62-A +7 (3439) 64-30-30
Yekaterinburg Tsiolkovskogo str, 27 +7 (343) 287-13-87
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About company

The Linguistic Centre
LEXXIS was created in



is a brand, a trademark that unites several organizations acting as independent legal entities, but in accordance with a single educational concept, which is based on the task of providing our learners, students, customers with training in accordance with the most advanced international standards, high quality, effective and long-term cooperation in all our areas.

We carry out our tasks in the following areas:

Foreign language teaching for children and adults

Preparation for international exams and international certification tests

Travel and educational programmes in Russia for foreigners

Corporate training

Preparation and testing in Russian as a Foreign Language

Organization of study abroad for children and adults

Russian as a Foreign Language

Testing for all types of migrants

Translation & interpretation services for individuals and companies

Programmes and learning strategies

We have developed such a learning strategy that provides orientation to international standards, to proper elaboration of all aspects of the language.
In accordance with this strategy, our programmes provide the opportunity to pass exams for international certificates at the end of each level of training successfully.
International certificates guarantee an independent and objective assessment of knowledge and skills, provide additional opportunities for advancement in a career, study, business, in life.
This is where we see the special value of studying at LEXXIS and the guarantee of quality.

All offices of the LEXXIS Centre employ

a highly
qualified team of teachers.

Selection, preparation and further training is the concern of our team of methodologists.

Most of our teachers have international certificates in language and teaching methods.

Teaching is conducted according to the most effective communication methods as of today. It is based on a model of real communication. Each lesson develops following skills as a whole:









Translation agency

The Linguistic Centre LEXXIS has been a reliable partner in the field of translation services for many years.


We work with many enterprises on an ongoing basis in the field of providing services for the support of negotiations and equipment installation, in the field of translation of documentation and websites.


All our offices have translation agencies, where they will promptly and efficiently translate and prepare all the necessary documents.


We can notarize all our translations.

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