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Russian language

Language + tourism, language + cultural program Dou you want to learn a “real” Russia and Russian language? Come, and we acquaint you with Ekaterinburg – a city on the border line between Europe and Asia, capital of the Urals, with rich cultural traditions and highly developed industry.

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The Russian State Multilevel System is included in the European language testing system ALTE. There are 5 proficiency levels: Basic level and four certification levels.

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Learn Russian in a natural language environment - spend the summer in Yekaterinburg. Take a course with teachers- native speakers, look at interesting places in the Ural region, get acquainted with the history and cultural life of Yekaterinburg.

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The course is based on communication with native language teachers in Yekaterinburg, as well as working in our school's online program. You smoothly immerse yourself in the language environment and communicate with each lesson more confidently. As a result of the course you take exams and receive a certificate of RCT.

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4-6-8 class hours per day for 5 days per week. This course is based on communication with teachers being native Russian speakers in Ekaterinburg and on working within the framework of our online programme. You will smoothly immerse into the Russian language environment and communicate more and more powerfully with every lesson. Upon completion of the course you will pass exams and obtain a TORFL certificate.

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This is a foundation programme for applicants for admission to Russian higher education institutions to undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate programmes. The training programme includes a practical course of Russian, training in a specialized style and Russian vocabulary in the selected professional field. The course is dedicated and developed specially for applicants for admission to Russian higher education institutions.

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Each of TORFL examinations is designed for different individuals setting certain goals for themselves. We prepare you for examinations of such Russian proficiency level that is necessary for you. Certification levels: - Elementary - Basic - Certification Level I - Certification Level II - Certification Level III - Certification Level IV

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Russian as a foreign language + English, Chinese, German, Spanish or Italian This course will help you to learn one additional foreign language in parallel with studying of the Russian language. The course is dedicated for persons willing to study Russian + one more foreign language

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Special programmes for studying Russian by foreign specialists. We develop and implement a special education programme of Russian learning for foreign specialists of your company. Every corporate programme shall have specific features. Our team members together with management of a company will determine a type of education programmes, paces of study, time schedules, and teacher staff responsible for training.

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Field intramural programme. LEXXIS teachers come to your country and arrange courses of Russian for employees or students. We will determine a range of language tasks, develop an appropriate program and compose a teacher team. The field courses work best if your company operates in the other country with foreign specialists.

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Online Russian courses at the Linguistic Centre LEXXIS enable our students to work with a native speaker at home or at his/her job place in any point of the world. Paces of study, lesson duration and times will be agreed with students individually.

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The LEXXIS is interested in establishing of partnership relations with universities, language courses, and travel and educational services agencies.

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T-shirt from online shop in France: «I do not need any therapy, I just need to go to Russia».

This course is developed in the Linguistic Centre LEXXIS for everybody learning Russian. As a matter of fact, Russian is the third most popular language in the world! Remember that with the knowledge of Russian and English you can communicate over a great space in the Eurasian continent, in countries of Western, Central, and Eastern Europe, Central and Southwestern Asia, and Caucasus region. 


We offer for our students:

  • Preparing for examinations for RF citizenship, temporary residence permits, permanent residence permits, and patents.  Examinations with the following issue of a certificate (confirming the right to obtain patents, temporary residence permits, permanent residence permits, and RF citizenship, in the TORFL testing centre.
  • Preparing of students for the State Final Examinations and the Unified State Exam in Russian

You can also order services of our translation agency in Ekaterinburg.


​1. The Russian language takes the 8th place among top-10 the most used languages over the world.

  • 171 millions of native speakers as assessed by Ethnologue
  • 17 countries use Russian as an official language

2. Russia is the largest country in the world with a rich millennia-old history. 
You can take a Trans-Siberian Express and discover great spaces of Siberia, Far East, Urals, and Central Russia, see the largest lake in the world – Baikal, visit ancient cities of the famous Golden Ring of Russia and the geographical boundary line between Europe and Asia.

3. You will be able to learn the national culture having generated famous Russian composers, musicians, writers, artists, and actors; you will be able to read Bulgakov’s “The days of the Turbins” or Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” in the original.

4.  You will get an idea about the Russian character and experience how welcoming our people are; you will see masterpieces of architecture and art, ballet and theatre performances.

5. Russia is richly endowed with natural resources; there are lots of market opportunities.  Study of Russian will help you to establish contacts and deal in Russia.

6. You will have advantages at the international job market. Russian is one the official languages in 17 countries and has a working language status in many international organizations including UN.

7. Conversing with people in everyday situations, you will make fewer mistakes and be able to use Russian without an interpreter.


Linguistic centre LEXXIS was founded in 1996.

Our programmes are developed and successfully implemented for gourps of adults, teenagers and children. We teach in groups and on the one-to-one basis, develop a plan corresponding to a language proficiency level and select a programme according to a goal: it can be everyday language or business language, training for international certifications exams and the Unified State Examinations, special programmes for corporate training and the Conversation Club.


The most of our teachers have international certificates, and everyone, without exception, is subject to strict selection for employment.
Their training and further education is the concern of our language school team trainers.

We teach according to the communicative language teaching methods.
The base of a communicative approach is a model of real communication. Each lesson develops the skills of speaking, reading, writing and listening.


We carry out state testing in Russian language for certificates of the basic, elementary, first, second, third, and fourth certification levels, as well as the comprehensive examination for migrant workers and persons seeking temporary residence permits, permanent residence permits, and admissions to citizenship.
One can be tested both after attending special training courses and unprepared if a person to be tested has got necessary knowledges and communication skills.


Yekaterinburg: 250 rub.

Pervouralsk250 rub.



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