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Russian language course in Ekaterinburg

This course is based on communication with teachers who are native Russian speakers. We form groups in such a manner that every lesson passes effectively and in a convenient atmosphere: mini-groups for spoken language lessons with a teacher consist of 6 persons at most. You will smoothly immerse into the Russian language environment and communicate with more and more confidence with every lesson. Upon completion of the course you will be able to take exams and obtain a TORFL certificate.

Who is this course for?

The course is developed for people willing to:

  • study the Russian language in depth in its native environment;
  • use it at a professional level;
  • study in Russian universities;
  • acquire Russian citizenship.

Together with this course we will help you to arrange visa support, accommodation and cultural programmes. If you already live in Ekaterinburg, we will coordinate a convenient timetable so that it does not conflict with your with your everyday activities.

Costs of the course

Month (2 hours twice a week)

  • 5600 roubles/month for lessons in groups (16 hours);
  • 11200 roubles/month for individual lessons.

Intensive course (20 hours a week):

  • 7000 roubles for lessons in groups;
  • 14000 roubles for individual lessons.

This intensive course in Ekaterinburg will help you:

  • To communicate fluently and with confidence;
  • To enrich your vocabulary;
  • To master writing of essays, letters, compositions;
  • To reinforce grammar knowledge in practice;
  • To pick up colloquial expressions;
  • To prepare for and take exams (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language = TORFL or tests required to obtain a residence permit, citizenship, patent)

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