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TORFL certification training and testing

At the language centre LEXXIS you can prepare for and take TORFL exams in Russian language to be admitted to study, work, or citizenship.

What are the advantages of preparation?

  1. You will practise the real test tasks.

  2. You will improve the language in all its aspects: for example, if you have difficulties with speaking, the teacher will pay more attention to speaking.

  3. You will discuss the details of the exam and its format and keep your wits about you during the test.

  4. Minimum stress - you will take the exam in a familiar, comfortable environment.

TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language), or ТРКИ in Russian, is an international test of knowledge of Russian as a foreign language. The certificate is valid for 2 years and is required for admission to universities, employment and citizenship of the Russian Federation. The certificate confirms the language proficiency level according to the CEFR scale.

How to determine what level you need?

А1 (ТЭУ) Elementary
А2 (ТБУ) — Intermediate To be admitted to citizenship
В1 (ТРКИ-I) — Intermediate-High To be admitted to Russian higher education institutions
B2 (ТРКИ-II) — Advanced To be admitted to work in technical, humanitarian, and natural-science fields, to graduate (master’s) programmes
C1 (ТРКИ-III) — Advanced Plus To be admitted to work as an interpreter, journalist, editor, philologist, or diplomatic official.
C2 (ТРКИ-IV) — Superior Native To be admitted to teaching Russian and research activities

The results are published within 10 days after the test. If you fail to get a required number of points, you may retake the exam within 2 years for 50% of its cost.

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Training in lexxis

My name is Antonella, I am Italian, I am a teacher of Italian as foreigner language.

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Training in lexxis
Somogyi Gábor

My name is Somogyi Gábor. I have been learning russian 3 years. I had a 3 weekly intensive russian course in LEXXIS, to prepare for the exam TRKI 2nd level.

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Training in lexxis
Salvatore Spatola

Lexxis school was a big surprise in the beautiful city of Ekaterinburg.

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Training in lexxis
Salvatore Modesto

I came from Italy and I studied Russian at Lexxis school for 6 years and they have been very, very useful.

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