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Потрясающая комбинация для центрального Лондона: обучение английскому и проживание в совершенно новом, современном центре The Stay Campus. Школа пользуется большой̆ популярностью среди иностранных студентов, в первую очередь благодаря совмещению в одном здании как учебных классов, так и резиденции, что нетипично для Лондона.


Обучение проходит на базе Bath Spa University, находящегося в городке Бат в его исторической части, объекты которой включены в список наследия ЮНЕСКО. Здесь сохранились строения с уникальной архитектурой, поэтому прогулки по городу превращаются в знакомство с культурным наследием старой Англии.

Salvatore Spatola

Lexxis school was a big surprise in the beautiful city of Ekaterinburg.

Highly professional language service and big flexibility helped to support my needs.  All these are important features of Lexxis language school which helped me to experience 1 week of lesson fruitfully and pleasantly. I will surely be back at Ekb and in Lexxis school!!!

Salvatore Spatola

Salvatore Modesto

I came from Italy and I studied Russian at Lexxis school for 6 years and they have been very, very useful. I improved my level of speaking comprehension but most of all I improved my knowledge of grammar.They have been the most useful classes of Russian I ever done.

I plan to come back again to study at Lexxis and I recommend to all foreign students, who want to approach Russian language to attend a course here at Lexxis. Amazing school!

Salvatore  Modesto

Somogyi Gábor

My name is Somogyi Gábor. I have been learning russian 3 years. I had a 3 weekly intensive russian course in LEXXIS, to prepare for the exam TRKI 2nd level. From the start (since we start to correspound by mail) they were very professional, and they always answered to me immediately and to my every single question. The whole staff of LEXXIS does his job great and very kindly.

From the very beggining I have had the feeling, that my teacher is very experienced, she does her job professianally, and last but not least, she is a very nice person. We had very interesting classes, and she explained me a lot about russian culture also.

After this intensive course I succesfully passed the TRKI exam, level B2.

I would recommend LEXXIS and Ekaterinburg to anyone who is studying or planning to study russian. The city is clean and beautiful, and the people are very helpful and kind. There are a lot of interesting thing to see, and all aroung the city there are cosy restaurents cafes, with normal prices and different kind of tasty food.

The city has all kinds of public transport, and it works properly.

I am glad, that I chose LEXXIS, and I will come back to continue my studies, for sure!


My name is Antonella, I am Italian, I am a teacher of Italian as foreigner language.

Last September I have started to study Russian and this summer I have decided to try to improve my knowledge of the language by attending a course in Russia.

I contacted Lexxis and booked my course in Ekaterinburg.

I spent a week there, having 25 hours of Russian language and culture and excursions in Ekaterinburg almost every day.

Lexxis booked for me a very nice and comfortable apartment very close to the school but also to the center of the city, as well as the transfer from and to the airport.

My teachers, Tatiana and Natalya were excellent, I learnt a lot from them, not only about Russian language but also about Russian culture, habits, traditions.

My guide Evghenja was so nice,  very competent and professional.

I am enthusiastic about this experience, I felt that I was welcome and all my needs have been taken into account.

I strongly recommend to study Russian in Ekaterinburg with Lexxis!

Thanks a lot to Igor, my teachers, my guide, the driver Evghenji, the secretary and all people that let me to feel as in a family.

My best regards



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