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Екатеринбург ул. Вайнера, 1 +7 (996) 171-0045
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Daniel Holmes

My name is Daniel Holmes. I am an American expatriate now living here in Ekaterinburg. My experience with Lexxis has been a very good one. From the very start they were professional and courteous. I am impressed by the way in which the staff handles themselves.

I really like my teacher, she is very experienced and knowledgeable. LEXXIS has been very accommodating to the way in which I desire to study. I have studied at other language centers here in Ekaterinburg and Lexxis is by far the best quality! I would recommend LEXXIS to anyone who is desiring to study another language!


P.S. Дэниел Холмс, гражданин Америки, обратился в центр в августе 2015 года и начал усиленно заниматься русским языком, успешно освоил программу элементарного и базового уровня и сдал экзамен, получив сертификат базового уровня. Подробнее – здесь.

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