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Екатеринбург ул.Ключевская, 15 +7 (343) 287-13-15
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Somogyi Gábor

My name is Somogyi Gábor. I have been learning russian 3 years. I had a 3 weekly intensive russian course in LEXXIS, to prepare for the exam TRKI 2nd level. From the start (since we start to correspound by mail) they were very professional, and they always answered to me immediately and to my every single question. The whole staff of LEXXIS does his job great and very kindly.

From the very beggining I have had the feeling, that my teacher is very experienced, she does her job professianally, and last but not least, she is a very nice person. We had very interesting classes, and she explained me a lot about russian culture also.

After this intensive course I succesfully passed the TRKI exam, level B2.

I would recommend LEXXIS and Ekaterinburg to anyone who is studying or planning to study russian. The city is clean and beautiful, and the people are very helpful and kind. There are a lot of interesting thing to see, and all aroung the city there are cosy restaurents cafes, with normal prices and different kind of tasty food.

The city has all kinds of public transport, and it works properly.

I am glad, that I chose LEXXIS, and I will come back to continue my studies, for sure!

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